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Established in the year 1950, under the name of Khurana Brothers by its Emeritus Chairman and founder Mr. V. P. Khurana, CBSPL has today expanded its offerings ranging in varied interests and represented by its 5 associated companies. From being a new kid on the block by making a modest start with manufacturing of Loose Leaf Binders, CBSPL later diversified its activities in the highly technological field of Security Printing, Document Imaging, Banking Equipment & Services, Plastic and Stationery Products. And the key principles on which CBSPL has based its business practices over the last 50 years that has made it successfully traverse into higher realms have been

  • Focus on Customer
  • Transparency is the key!
  • Innovation for growth
  • Build trust
  • And most importantly build strong lasting relationships!!
  • The growth of CBSPL is laid on the foundation built by strong infrastructure, sound financial base and empowering people at the grass root level. Further, to continually adapt and cater to the varying needs of our customers we constantly strive to improve the quality and reliability of our Products/Services.

    Our Corporate Governance Principles combine the various relevant legal regulations, the Company's Articles of Incorporation as well as certain other practices developed and adopted by CBSPL over the years. Our purpose is to guarantee transparent and responsible management and supervision of the Company and to promote the long term confidence of our stakeholders, business partners and employees, as well as that of the general public.
    Ezee Digital Solutions is determined to insure your business's future by creating an online secure repository of your documents, supporting you managing your documents smartly.



    Making your work life simple is our priority.


    Our knowledge base should be reflected, therefore our experience/ story of an experience or case study should be mentioned in every marketing material possible.


    Employee Conduct Employee Personality Do's and Don'ts when interacting with the customer.


    We, at CBSPL are committed to try and solve all our customer's pain issues. Ezee Digital Solutions vows to keep the s promise intact and work diligently towards solving our customers' pain areas related to paper, through digital transformation.

    Domain Knowledge

    We are backed by CBSPL , with years of expertise in digitization. CBSPL has worked on the largest projects in digitization spanning across India. We have digitized and handled more than 6 billion documents till date.

    Ease of Implementation

    Our domain knowledge has led CBSPL to provide you with a solution that is easy to use and easy to implement.

    Fully Customizable

    A solution that is catered to your specific needs and is fully customizable according to your organization's structures

    Hierarchy Free

    You have a structure in place today, but you might have another structure in place tomorrow. No need to run after developers and stress over changing your digital workspace. This hierarchy free solution offers you the opportunity to do it yourself, anytime you want.

    Open Source

    Be it the cloud, or on your server, or on someone else's server, wherever you want your database, we can store it ! The best part is, it can be integrated with your current office applications as well. So no extra work!

    Highly Secured Solution With High Data Security.

    Features include SMS & OTP: CBSPL understands the value of data, hence data security is our top priority. Multiple stringent processes are followed to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

    24x7 data mobility
    Intergration With Existing Softwares

    Blends with your existing office solutions